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8-16 MINI


Jake B:
East team qualifier tonight. So far 8 have signed up. Don't forget to bring $25 for the qualifier and $5 for the mini. Due to the traffic going through NKC, I doubt I'll be there until 5:45. Looks like it's going to be gorgeous! See you tonight.

Jake/Tracy: I'll have my $25 ready for the entry/qualifier. Thanks for running this you guys. Cya out at the Works tonight, indeed should be a beaut'

Is the qualifier a replacement for league? Is league and this qualifier taking place?

Jake B:
The normal Thursday Mini at Water Works will be taking place, but it is also serving as a qualifier for the East Team in the East vs. West team competition.

You are welcome to pay the $25 to try to qualify for the team in this event. The other ways to make the team are the next qualifier on the 28th at Swope, there will be 2 names of all paid entrants/sponsors who didn't qualify drawn out of a hat, and each team captain will have 3 choices from those that are left.

Tracy, if you planned on being there tonight and can take entry fees before I get there, that would be great.


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