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First Trip - Awesome Time
« on: August 18, 2012, 03:07:33 PM »
Me and a buddy made the journey to Paradise Pointe today from Lee's Summit, and it was well worth it.  Of course this great weather can make doing anything outdoors seem incredible, but we had a blast playing.  We played all of Beaver Creek and as beginners we really enjoyed the course layout.  It allowed us to try a variety of our discs and different shots without being punished, while mixing in a few technical holes for good measure.  I actually enjoyed the circle tee pads, would love them if they were a bit bigger as I am rather tall and take longer strides, but I like the ability to approach at different angles and have room to work with.  The lack of signs really didn't bother me, aren't too many blinds shots, and when I play holes with signs I still walk the hole to see the basket anyway.

Next we headed over to Wood Henge to test our stamina, like I said we are newbies and have only played more than 18 holes in a day a couple times.  We made it through 12 holes, but the 720ft and 660ft holes forced us to throw in the towel, plus we were starving otherwise we would've finished up that course.  Overall I really enjoyed the layout, the upkeep and the variety that the complex offers.  We were both more than happy to pay $5 for a car to experience the complex.  Also the recent lack of rain has dropped the lake levels way down which made the water holes less intimidating than I thought they would be. 

Thanks to all those involved in the creation of the complex.  Can't wait to head up and play again.