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Peter Bures:
Some of you may have heard about this already, but 9 new pin settings have been put in at Shawnee Mission Park! All of these are longer, tougher pin settings, really legitimizing the course like it never has been before. In addition, the pins are now on a more regular movement cycle, so the course won't sit stagnant like it has the last couple of years. The only thing really left to do is find a way to get the rest of the locks open (some are still stuck).

Today I went out and moved a bunch of pins, many of them to their new longer pin settings. You all ought to come and play league tomorrow, the course is really looking good.

I think that this applies to the situation out there....

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--- Quote from: Timko on August 03, 2012, 01:15:50 PM ---Jamie, do you need anything to get #4 unlocked?

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invert the lock.  fill up the lock with penetrating oil thru the keyhole.  try the key with very little force.  dont break the key inside the lock.  if doesnt work, let sit for 24 hrs then repeat.  a light tap with a small hammer on the bottom in the locking direction may speed the process.  make sure there is oil in the lock when performing this step.  2-3 days should do it.  if not, probably time for a new lock.  oiling all the locks on the course couple of times a yr will help deter this from happening.  not a bad investment of ~$3/yr/course in penetrating oil in my opinion.

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THe light tap of the hammer really helps

Great work Peter!

Back to school night for me or I would be out there. 


The Nailerâ„¢:
Sounds like WYCO.  Looking forward to it.  What's the distance now?

Peter Bures:
We're working on getting new measurements (and maps) made, but I would guess the maximum distance is probably 500-700 feet longer than before.  DGCR puts the distance at 6327 feet, I would guess the new longest possible setting would be close to 7000 feet.

Although, since Shawnee Mission park mostly is home to recreational players (beginners, families, etc), the course will usually be set in some kind of compromise between long and short.

The main problem was that the course has been stagnant over the last couple of years, few holes even had more than 1 pin placement, and those that did were rarely (if ever) moved. Now that each hole has 2-3 usable placements, we can move the course more often than before, on par with the other quality courses in the city (Rosedale, WW, Swope).

So anytime you play SMP, you can expect to see a good mix of short, middle, and long placements through out the course. It will never be set all short or all long. Play again in a couple of weeks? Thing should still be mixed well, but it will be a different mix than before.

On another note, I would like to thank Bill Maasen, Superintendent of all of the County's Parks and Golf Courses. He has been extremely eager to improve the course, and has put forth a lot of the County's time and money to make it the best it can be. All of us disc golfers want these courses to be as nice as possible, but it's always great when the local Parks Department shares our enthusiasm. He (and his son, Brett), play the course as much as anyone, so it's not surprising how excited they are to help.

If anyone has any more advice or thoughts about how the course can be improved (or about the newest additions), please let me know.


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