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Jack, or whom it may concern...

Can we get baskets back into the Big Blue course setup? Like uh, 'borrow' from the junior course so we can have a complete Big Blue setup again? I mean, I like little blue, and I think we should keep it forever and ever... But I would like to see Big Blue put back in so we can play the most bad ass course in KC again!

If I can help, I will. Let me know how we can get this done!

I'll work on getting some "Red Baskets" for the little course out there, and move the big ones back.

Jack are the long pins all out there?

I'm hoping to have league out there as normal tomorrow, hopefully a start time between 4:00 and 5:00. Is anyone interested in playing the long course once?

Problem is I have no KC cash to give out either...if we need to make it a non KCFDC mini we can.

If its non KCFDC you don't have access to the ace fund, but you can pay out all of the money collected.

Haha short of a miracle I doubt we will have an ace on big blue.


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