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no where near the thread this past weekend (kinda like my game at Old Settlers, no where near the basket....ok, maybe near the basket, but then right of it, then left of it, then off the chastity belt.....)


I had asked for the Red baskets to be moved to the "inner course" I didn't follow up with that.  I am going to try tonight to get out to Cliff to move the baskets for round 1 configuration...

Sorry, all my time on the computer this weekend was driven towards fantasy football....

Thanks Jack! just keep us posted on Big Blue. Cant wait to get back in action. now that its not 1,000 degrees out playing the long course sounds fun again.


no worries, in all honesty, I RARELY look at a computer during the weekend unless it is fantasy football driven, or I am looking at a map.  My forum time is spent in the form of my equivalent smokers time in my mind.  I figure if I still smoked, I would be not doing work during that time, so time in a chat room makes up for it!

So rule of thumb is that if you need something from me during the weekend, try texting or calling me!

I know yesterday was Labor day but only 4 of us showed up for baby blue in what was an unofficial league night.  Good luck in getting people out on the bomber course, but count me in Utz.

Mike Hyzer:
I had planned on playing normal BV league yesterday, since it was a holiday and I didn't have to go to work. But when I read that the big course would be played, going to work actually sounded like more fun.

--- Quote from: jhinck2 on September 04, 2012, 01:53:51 PM --- Good luck in getting people out on the bomber course...

--- End quote ---

Hence the reason "BV Lite" was installed. Not only is it shorter, it is a much better course overall. Still plenty of bomber holes, but I like it without holes like orginal 3, 8, 17, and 18, which just seem long for the sake of being long instead of any other good reason. And the time it takes to play the big course is another negative, IMO.


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