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So Mr. Keizer has already started to expose the next new hole area as some may see on the pad area of current #18.  The plan is to make a hole through the woods after you finish current #17, the pad will be somewhere between the short pin and the corner where it makes sense initially, and possibly moving it to a deeper teeing area as we progress, more than likely having an alternate pad on this location.

If you have time and can help we will be needing it.  We will be removing a lot of the trash and honeysuckle out of this area and.....

To the North of the current BLACK practice basket we will be doing the same, but we will be working on 2 additional holes in this location.  I will go through probably next week and mark the trees that will be defining the fairway's on these two holes as well as the new one by #17.  Initially probably going to look at making this a 21 hole course for a little while, and we can evaluate where we go next.  I may look at a couple of other additions, and try to add 3 more to make this a 24 hole course, unless funding is approved for the additional course across Chestnut (which it very well may have some private funding that I am working on)

I do have a good idea of where to add an additional 3 holes, but the three discussed up here initially is probably where we shall start.

Please work with myself or Keizer on any removal of trees, removal of trash or honeysuckle though can be done at any time.



Mike Hyzer:
I am just going at this little by little for now, removing honeysuckle along the road. It would be nice to get a workday organized on this. While the work isn't bad, it does suck a little to have to stop cutting in order to drag the stuff that's been cut across the road, so help on that would be awesome.

I will work with you on this in the future Mike.  I can't this weekend, because of the Tourney and Fantasy Football drafts, then next weekend I have the girls again (maybe the E Vs. W if I can make it) then TLC, then girls again, but then after that I can start to plan on the help that we need, and will start to orchestrate the event.  I will work towards getting machinery lined up to make our lives easier as well on this.

Played Cliff over the weekend and had a great time.  Curious what the status of the new holes / re-design is?  Any updates Jack?  Will is eventually be 21 holes or a redesign of the existing 18?


I am currently in the process of gaining approval on a new design of the course, that will change quite a bit of the course.  There is a trail being proposed through holes 7-8-9, and safety being my primary concern (you may have seen the markers on the course already) is leaning towards a redevelopment of the course.

Some of the items that I am hoping to help:
Elimination of the hole #17--This hole although grand and majestic at one point is flawed without the guardian tree that was by the short placement.  Compound that with the housing close by and incidents over time that have occurred during events, and casual play it makes sense to work away from that area.  As such, what I am leaning towards is moving the existing pad about 150'-200' towards the south and then play back towards the current #18.

Additional wooded holes-- "New holes #1 & #2"-I want to carve into the woods to the West of current #2 a couple of holes to play to start off.  They will be tighter holes, not real long, but tight enough to warrant a tough shot component where accuracy will be the key on them both.

New areas to be worked on within the park--I want to "expand" our footprint within the park area, and utilize portions of the park not being used now.  There are a couple of reasons, first, I think that we owe it to the park to make the trash issue around the course minimal in most areas, and we have done that in many parts already, and secondly because the park does have so many options, it is silly not to explore them all.  This is also a big part of the notion that I have always had of someone being able to view Chestnut from current # 11 tee.  Exposing all that land, and trees would enable us/others to enjoy the land that is there, this park is a beautiful park.  Having it all open for everyone will enable us to work towards less trash/illegal dumping within the park.

More Cliffs exposed--I think that there is a hole in the park that I have longed for, and it is a transition hole that should make even those disappointed with the removal of 7-8-9 as we know it, happy and proud.  It will be a part of the overall impression of the park for thousands to view, and in turn will also drive that awareness of our sport to those passing by.  I am so excited about this new hole that I am giddy, but am working on an egress to ensure that it flows properly.

There are a few pitfalls in my design ideas, and I have basically removed 3 holes, but will only leave 9 current holes in the configuration with the re-design.  It's sad that somethings need to change, but in some respect it is awesome, and flattering that the work that we have done over the past 12 years out there is now at a point that others want to enjoy it on a larger and more grander scale.  This trail is part of the connection trail that will get all the bike paths aligned to synch up, and is something needed to increase positive activity. 

The changes will start to move once I get everyone on board from the P&R to help the process along, and ensure it's success is done quickly and systematically.  I was very sad/angry at the initial thought about the trail, but then I started to envision a better course with more options and design quality to fix some the less than spectacular holes that are out there.  I feel that the design ideas that I am working on will enable this to happen, and also create holes that won't be as repetitive on the current back 9 that I feel are.  I am also taking into consideration that the trees that are out there will not always be there, and though we will be planting trees out there, coming up with designs that may minimize their need was important to me.  Thus utilizing the existing wooded areas that we look at, but may not use is something that I feel needs/must be explored.

This will leave me with a wonderful change of a course from what I already feel is solid, to a place that I feel will make us all even prouder to have.  Yet I will be sad that we will miss some holes that we all love.

The design group is looking at ways to alter the path, but I don't see it.  Only time will tell!


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