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Mike Hyzer:
Oh sure, now that the land has been cleared, they wanna put a path through there. Why is there a need for designated walking/biking paths when there exists these things called streets and sidewalks? Gotta love these douchebags who'll get in their car and drive to a special walking path, when they could've just went for a walk around the block. ::)

Sounds like a great way to kill the LDO as we know it.


So this is a way to connect all the trails in Missouri and Kansas, this is the last leg that is needed to get started.  ( http://www.bikekatytrail.com/kansas-city.aspx ) It's a good thing.  No one is going to be using the trail from that part just to drive there, well except of course the folks down south, and you know who you are.

As for the LDO, it really shouldn't  This will actually make it so that we never have to alter the course for fear of having it impact the area.  We will still be close enough on the new design to hit it at the 1/2 way point, and then not have to worry about many other items.  Parking may be impacted, as there may no longer be the expansive reserve parking spots, but on a positive note we will be in a much better position to make it work for the bands now, and hopefully in a better slot to engage with an even more robust mini course for the LDO, including a possible "perm" set up now as well.

Let's take it one step at a time here, you haven't seen what I want to do.  None of you knew me when I wanted to put a course in here back in 2000, and I have a pretty good idea that this will all work out in a fabulous way for everyone to enjoy.    In my best Kurt Russell voice "Trust Me!"

Losing 17 will surely be sad, though issues with the giant tree coming down and the houses to the right make it somewhat understandable.

no doubt if we could raise money for one tree it should be planted on 17. even if we eventually lose the hole there, people would stop and admire a tree so magnificent and that was funded by disc golfers. losing 7/8/9 is better than incorporating a walking path into the course design, too olathean in ambience there. 18 things i like about cliff is the existing 18 holes, but i am anticipating some fun body parts and busted up atm's in the woods east of where the new 17 tree should be planted - just keep the fairways narrow enough that a 14 year old doesn't stash a hot SUV in there to burn it.


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