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old pike 8/28 dubz

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Jake B:
Hey guys, I wanted to remind all you Old Pikers that the last East Team qualifier is tonight at Swope.


Tonight may be food night again folks. See you at 5:30.

Cya at 5:30, Fenton and I trimmed the hell outta OP, she's freshly shaven :D

I hear it looks pretty good out there. Utz and Fenton you guys ROC!

Old Pike Mike:
Yes.  Utz and Fenton do rock!  It brought a tear to my eye to see Utz hold a branch lopper for the first time 8)!  But, they did get after it once Fenton provided the training!  I am planning a field trip to Swope; but, I know some of the others are staying back and proceeding with the show.  I will bring some brats to OP next week. 


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