Author Topic: New Virus In Missouri  (Read 795 times)

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New Virus In Missouri
« on: September 02, 2012, 10:11:17 AM »
Hate to link to CNN but a friend sent this to me, figured I would post. Be careful out there and DEET up!


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Re: New Virus In Missouri
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2012, 02:04:05 PM »
Somewhere I read its been called the "Heartland" virus, because it was discovered by the doctors at Heartland Hospital. Lyme disease is also the biggy you are most likely to get from ticks since it so wide spread... Doctors rarely know how to detect/ test for it.. I know many that have gone too long with it undetected because of the false negative results, it can hide itself being undetected and then flare up again, there's crazy mean stuff out there..including spiders, I spent 3 days in the hospital this year from a brown recluse bite that I waited to long for treatment.. Didn't feel it bite me, and didn't think it was a spider bite, I thought it was from a tick bite :o
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