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Wednesday and - New Course Record


Kevin Montgomery:
Last Tuesday a five-some started but I had to cut out early. It was obvious from the beginning that Andy was having a good night. He went on to shoot nine birdies and two bogies for a new course record seven under - 47.

We're shooting for 5:30 or so today, Wednesday 9/5. Come join us and see if you can get more birdies and or less bogies than Andy...

Last week results:

Andy Jewett - 47
Tony Todd - 54
Sean - 57
Pete - 64
Kevin - DNF (had to hit the road on the way to the Tim Selinske US Masters - Now that was a good time!)

Kevin Montgomery:
No course records but a nice five-some for some DG at USM last night:

Tom Butler - 51
Kmont - 55
Deano - 55
doc - 56
Andy 56

Lot's of OB was discovered last night too. Using Easy Scorecard Pro to do the score keeping I see the summary shows ten OB strokes for the card. That's a bunch. Three bag tags changed hands too....  Good times... Next week - TUESDAY!!


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