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Swope League 9/11/2012

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Please dont forget that we are teeing off at 5:30 this week!  It is imperative we get started on time as the days are getting shorter!  Please call or text me if you are planning on making it, but cant make it by tee time.



I'll be out taking registration for Roc vs Buzzz tonight.
We are minus one more tree at Swope too.

What fell?

Maybe the large tree by the benches behind 10 Long?

We noticed it during a family round on Labor Day.

Mike Hyzer:
 This one was fairly close to the last one that fell, near #10 fairway, right? Someone mentioned it at beer league, but P&R had already cleared it out and I never noticed. Sucks to imagine what Swope will be like in a few years if it keeps losing trees at this rate.  :(


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