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Hi, this is going to sound pretty standard. I am fairly new to disk golf, 4 months. I really enjoy it. Of couse I would enjoy it a little more if I could drive farther. I only throw average around 225 to 250 feet. I need help. Would like someone who not only plays well but is a good instructor. I work up north and live not far from Wyco park, can travel to most places.  I plan to get in some local tournaments and maybe a league next year so I am sure I will improve then. But I would like to get better ahead of time. Thanks, Joe

World Champion David Feldberg will be in town and at Rosedale on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for a Driving Clinic that will start at 5pm each night. This Clinic will last an hour and Dave will show how he drives with accuracy and power. This clinic will be great for players of all levels.

I had a very kind offer from Nicky P to meet me at Wyco and help me out. He showed me a few things and we played a round. Those are the kinds of things that give Kansas City a good name in the disc golf world. Thanks Nick.


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