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11x KC Pro Plastic wanted

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I recently acquired an 11x KC pro teebird and love it. I'm looking for any other 11x KC pro only plastic. I've got some 10x plastic including a nearly mint 10x eagle and a nearly mint 10x banshee. My apologies as I do have my name and number inked on the inner rim. I've never been much of a wall hanger guy and would be willing to trade for some good throwers. I also have a red rancho big bird roc, 173 with no ink, slightly used. Also an 11x whippet slightly used with ink.

Needing some 11x champ KC pro plastic. Who's interested in a trade?!

I've got more plastic too than just collectors, just ask.

Guess that's a negative! Had somebody at swope last week show me their 11x plastic and referenced this thread, but didn't really open it up for sale :(

I know it's plastic that nobody wants to let go of. Just thought I'd ask.

I saw some 11x Rocs at the Shunga, I completely forgot about your thread dude. I bet LSDiscs still has em for sale. They're almost gummy very nice feel to them. 175g+ too.

I'm just looking for the champion 11x kc pro

Good luck, those go for $60 and up on ebay.


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