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11x KC Pro Plastic wanted

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Peter Bures:
As a general rule, everything goes for 10-15% more on eBay. For whatever reason, $50 discs tend to sell for $65 and so forth.

If you're patient, you can find much better deals on DGCR. Not to say that all discs on there are cheap, not by any means. But if you check their Marketplace regularly, you're bound to find something good.

Thought I'd revive this thread as I'm still looking for this stuff.  I know there are guys in Kansas City that have it, but don't throw it.  I've got some 10x and 11x (not KC Pro) plastic that I'd be willing to trade along with a few others.  If you want to purchase them, PM me with an offer and I'll mull it over.  I'm looking for throwers.  I don't have $75-$100 to shell out for a mint condition disc(s).  Trying to get some trade action going on.  Some of my "collectors" are as follows (I know this isn't the best collection, but I haven't been playing all that long so give me a break:

- 10x eagle 174/white with gold foil stamp - Has ink on inside rim and Kenny signature on the flight plate (8/10)
- 10x banshee 174/white with red foil stamp - Has ink on inside rim (8/10)
- 10x banshee 175/white with gold faded stamp and blue tie dye - Has ink on inside rim (6/10)
- 10x cheetah max weight?/white with blue and gold stamp - No ink; found at WW under leaves.  Looks crappy;flies ok (4/10)
- San Marino Classic Aviar 167g/blue - No ink; storage wear only - I've never thrown it;original owner probably didn't. (9/10)
- DX big bird roc low 170's/red - Has ink on inside rim.  I threw this for about three months (6/10)
- 11x champion teebird 167/red - No ink; storage wear only.  This disc still has the white sticker on it (9.5/10)-
- 11x champion eagle 175 or 176/red - Maybe some ink?  I haven't thrown it, but original owner probably did (8/10)
- Ti Buzz max weight/silver - never thrown (10/10)
- 30th annual KCWO Buzz max weight/multicolor - never thrown (10/10)
- Z Buzz 171/white with Nate Doss signature - used (6/10)
- Pearly Pro Monster max weight/green - flippy for a monster, but collector nonetheless (7-8/10)
- Preflight # 2x Leopard max weight/orange - been throwing since I started, but somewhat collectable (6/10)
- Holiday First Run Tern max weight/silver metal flake green stamp - thrown twice (9/10)
- Holiday Mid-Range (forget what it is exactly) 170/white - thrown twice (9/10)

I'm aware that many of these aren't worth a "one-for-one" trade on an 11x KC pro disc, but humor me on what you think and if you come up with an acceptable trade, let me know!  Otherwise, just leave this thread sit.  I could really care less as long as it doesn't become a Cooper/Jack deathmatch like every other thread recently.  Thanks!

I have an ~7/10 11x Whippet with ink if you're interested Jordan.  Also have a 10x Gazelle with rainbow stamp.  Oh and a 7/10 2006 usdgc baby star roc.

BUMP - Anyone interested in any of the discs I mentioned above?  Looking to make a few quick bucks to pay my entry fee for City of Fountains.  Let me know, thanks.

P.S. I also have other discraft discs and gateway putters to sell as I'm mainly throwing innova now.  I've got a bunch of used wizards (including 5 chalky wizards of all the same color) that I'd let go for $5 a piece.  I'm not at home now, but can check if anyone has any requests. 

Cheetah please


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