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If you were to only have 1 hour at clover dell. What holes would you suggest? Signature holes, tough holes, important holes for placement etc. I saw pictures of the front 9 on dgcoursereview but not pics of the back 9.


10 is a must. and then probably 12-18

Kevin Montgomery:
If you have never been there I would spend a few minutes just locating the pins on the front nine. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people is about blind pins behind cedars on the front 9. This is mainly on #4-7 and #9. Then on the back I concur with Dick, #10 definitely. Then if you can only hit a few you need to see where #12 is then for sure check out #14 and #16. #18 is a little tricky but mostly long with OB on the left. The others are pretty straightforward.

I haven't heard how the Bluebird folks plan to play OB on the back nine but I have it in my mind to play the path and beyond is OB on #10, #11, #12 and of course water is OB and comes into play on #10-#14. There are fences that are OB and can come into play on the front nine too on #1-3 and #5, 6 and if you're really unlucky #7. But #1 is the most common OB fence. The others are rare.

Excellent, Pictures?

Kevin Montgomery:
I have shots of #10 and #14 up on Facebook. If you have an account join the Clover Dell Park Disc Golf Course group. Otherwise, you might be able to get to the using this link.



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