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Re: Tricky holes
« Reply #15 on: October 02, 2012, 09:27:11 AM »
have your caddy bring a weed eater for the back 9, I really hope it gets a good brushhog/mowing this week. The wife and I played  it Saturday. also have your caddy teach you how to straddle putt out of a cedar tree.......wish we were goin back to Marshall because unless a lot of work is done this week, clover dell is not ready for a state championship. We also need the option to drive off of the grass on the back nine next to the wood chips for safety reasons.

I agree completely. I do know that a lot of mowing will be done this week but I was concerned when I heard they wanted to use Clover Dell for the State Championships that the course was not ready for prime time. That's why I hadn't had any tourneys there yet myself. I doubt they will do anything about the back nine tee boxes and I won't have time to do any touch ups to them this week at all. As for teeing from beside or behind the wood chips, I think that should definitely be allowed and mentioned at the player meeting.

As busy as the parks department in Sedalia has been with other projects this summer, and as busy as I have been over the last two months, not a lot has been done to make Clover Dell ready for such an event. I hope people realize that having this event at Clover Dell was not my idea. I have been spearheading getting the course in the ground over the last few years but it's been a slow go and there's a reason no formal events have been planned there by me. I did do several hours of work a couple of weeks ago to clean up around #10 green and #14 green and the safe route on #14. I've also been working with Dick and Tracy on updating the front nine tee signs and getting formal tee signs for the back. Whether I will have them all updated by Saturday remains to be seen. At the very least we should have all of the front nine updated and temporary signs with more details for the back nine.

Like many disc golf courses, the first few years can be awkward depending on time and effort available from the parks department and local players. Since disc golf is relatively new to the Sedalia area I haven't had a lot of help from other players but that trend is changing and I have heard from several local players lately offering to help. Unfortunately that hasn't been in time to get much done before Saturday's event.

But, knowing that the parks department has every intention of making the park look good for this event and future events I think you can be assured that they will be doing a good mow throughout the course before Saturday. I was out there yesterday around noon and the mowers were working on the front nine already and over the last few weeks they have been brush hogging a wider area of the back.
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