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League 9/19/12


League starts at 5:30. I know this directly conflicts with Dave Feldberg. Someone better film and put it on this website.

Tonight promptly start at 5:30 threesomes. This will be my last league at Wilbur this season as I am moving to KCMO. If anyone is interested in running the last League of the Season next week just let me know. Tonight's course I expect to be pretty tough, 4 par 4s(hole 1, 10, 11, 15) and the tougher placement on 6 other holes. See you out there.

Pin Placements
Hole 1-long
Hole 2-right
Hole 3-short
Hole 4-short
Hole 5-straight like last week
Hole 6-right
Hole 7-across lake
Hole 8
Hole 9-far right
Hole 10-super ten-5s left placement
Hole 11-9s middle placement
Hole 12-right
Hole 13-short
Hole 14-left
Hole 15-long
Hole 16-short right
Hole 17-right
Hole 18-long

Tough night at Wilbur tonight. 8 joined in on the fun. We had 5 long holes 4 as par 4s. #1, #10, #11, #15. Only one 3 on super #10(long tee-5s left basket) and one 3 on #11(long tee- 9s mid basket).

Matt Perry 61
Adam J 61-3 on 11
Matt H 65
Joe Mango 72

Paul 63-3 on 10
Tom V 68
Roland 71
Gary 71


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