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Last league of the NE for the 2012 season-Tee by 5:15


I will work on getting there by 5:00, but be ready to go promptly at 5:15.  I can't play still, but it looks to be a lovely night to enjoy the park.

If there isn't 4 of us to run league, thanks to everyone that played this year, and soon we will be posting in here about the workdays to upgrade the course.



Wow, what another fantastic night at Cliff Drive to finish the season.  We almost had a full field with 62 players last night, fortunately that meant that no one had to walk to 4, 5 or 6 to start so everyone was happy.  We played to the short baskets, and then the practice basket on #1.  No aces were hit from what I was told, but since I only got things started, I am awaiting the scores from the people playing.

Incredible way to finish the season though, thanks to all that showed up for an absolutely beautiful night of disc golf last night.  If we had weather like this all the time, I would think that we lived in Northern California.  Absolutely fantastic!

Thanks to all that made it out there this past season!

Open (20)      
   Kyle Pinkman   69
   Darrell Nodland   73
   Jared Roan   66
   Matt Nieman   71
   Justin Janke   79
   Ryan Pfau   82
   Joey Schmidt   83
   Nathan Hamkens   73
   Mike Gerads   83
   Joey Gunwall   85
   James Beyer   77
   Brandon Balzer   80
   Tom Jensen   82
   Riley Ackerman   85
   Max Washnieski   90
   Derren Perleberg   78
   Josh Dunham   97
   Guy Lawhead   89
   Cameron Presser   97
   Travis Hagen   91
Grandmasters (6)      
   Chad Brorby   85
   Bruce Novak   84
   Rick Rentz   86
   Bob Miller   86
   Dan Haslop   95
   David Eshenko   106
Advanced (23)      
   Wayne Foell   78
   Josh Hardin   79
   Jacob Sickler   84
   Justin Cournoyer   81
   Daniel Redding   88
   Eric Pilon   87
   Benjamin Ray   81
   James Haats   84
   Jeremy Demaris   94
   Lance Kilwein   91
   Bryce Hins   90
   Brent Waters   94
   Shawn Olson   96
   Brandon Honeycut   94
   Eric Ford   92
   Trent Kleinjan   98
   Joel Wylot   94
   Scott Ress   98
   Kyle Lajimodiere   100
   Daniel Beiswenger   106
   Ryan Smetana   115
   Kyle Jundt   109
   Dan Neal   95
Advanced Masters (6)      
   Jeremy Dohrmann   88
   Pete Karl   88
   Jeff Trautman   94
   Mike Hamkens   91
   Paul Walker   101
   James McMacken   98

Using the results from the 13th Annual North Dakota State Championships now?

Well What are you doing following that thread!  :-*  Now you ruined it for everyone as well!

TJ and I talked until 5:26 and no one else showed up.....so we had no last league this week..... :'(

Next year my thoughts are taking this to the Evil Empire League status, and making it a PDGA league.  Had I known that Emporia would get a bid in on Worlds for the following year, I may have tried it out there this year to give our local players more points....

Alas, I am not a big advocate of giving the PDGA $$$ for our leagues, but I will figure out a way to make it work and minimize the pain for all of us.  I will of course seek board approval as well for this.


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