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Check it out!

I'm hoping to get out and play it soon.

I was able to stop by there this weekend and play the full 18.  Really enjoyed the course overall, and glad to see another course of similar setup to Down Under in the KC area. 

Although it was short with most holes around ~250ft, almost every one made you really work for the birdie.  Lots of baskets that were visible from tee, but inaccessible if attempting to go straight at it - requiring you to weave your drive down the fairway in an attempt to get a look.  John did an excellent job of utilizing the land provided, and I saw next to zero signs of ivy.   ;)

I took a couple random pictures while out there if interested:  http://imgur.com/a/0qtyU

john theiss:
we got some ivy but what course doesn't.  The pe teacher, Bill Lentz, is a super hard worker and has been spraying like crazy.  Many short pads for the kids, but we ran out of steam and some holes only have one pad.  The great thing about the land is that there are huge open football and lacrosse fields mowed short all year long to practice throwing bombs.  You do not have to worry about losing discs in tall grass or walking around forever searching for your sprayed shots.  Then head into woods and do some short game work. 

fun course, easy to navigate. there is barbed 'trip' wire on holes one and six that should be cut out. great job on lay-out and design. very clean course with plenty of option throws.


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