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League 9/26

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The weather is looking like it will cooperate. See you all there - 5:30 tee!!

Six showed up to play some shorties.

We played the following short pads for time: 1,2,6,7,9,12,15.

Gary, Matt and Tom all three parked two-short-pad to long placement. Gary and Tom with up and over annies and Matt with a flick over the top. All three converted the birds. 

It was a see/saw match between Gary, Matt and Tom, but Tom converted the bird on three and saved par on four to take the win.

Bill, Tyler and Greg made the turn pretty even, but Tyler held them off with birds on both short holes (12,15) to take the win.

We will go again around 5:15 (pick some other shorties for this week to beat the sun).

Tom - 53
Gary - 55
Matt - 57

Tyler - 57
Gregg - 59
Bill - 59


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