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Would you play a PDGA League at Cliff in 2013?

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I am thinking of making the Monday Cliff League a PDGA league, where you get points, etc for playing.  I would charge the extra $1 to be included, and if you don't want to be included it wouldn't be a requirement, unless you made the 3rd person that has a rating to keep the ratings alive.  This would be a way to track the ratings for the course, and a chance for you to get points to help with invitations to Worlds.  I think that it may help in some areas, but am curious what those in cyberland think before I request this denomination of the BoD.

The PDGA leagues allow for slightly lax from their rules, and enforcement accordingly, so though we would want to be a little more stringent on the rules, I wouldn't say that this is a tournament setting, but we would ask that while playing under the PDGA rules, you follow the appropriate guidelines. 

If overwhelming support may drive more traffic to the course on Monday's, I am looking into it.  If this is a case where anarchists rue the day then I will take that into consideration as well. 

I am uncertain if we can have part of the field pay for the PDGA part, and part not, because I think that we need to keep scores for all, but I will be looking into it, if so, it may be worth the extra $1 to get points all the time out here.

Please let me know what you think.



Mike Hyzer:
Just don't put me on a narc card, all I ask. ;D

Reading various pages on the PDGA website,




I didn't see that all dates had to be played.  What I mean is, if you have a 6 or 10 week league, but could only make 50% of them, you still would get points for the ones you played.  If I'm understanding this correctly, I would play at least 50% of the time.

As a Rec rated player, I don't play in leagues often, because there isn't much reward for paying somebody else's earnings.  I stick to tournies because at least I get something (player's pack), and if I played league 4x/month, I've almost paid for a tournament.

If I received points and ratings, the $5 payout that I would never see would be worth it to me doing it as often as I could.  It's just a matter of how often that would be, which would proly be about every other week.

BTW - I love Cliff Drive.  First time I hit basket on a drive was on Hole 2.

i would play the league in an eight week format with a master pot payout for the top third or 40 percent, and pay $40 or so entry, so i guess 8 for the ace and 8 for the club leaves 24 to the master pot, with the course ace fund in effect. because i think this would be a more serious league, the scoring will be competitive, so maybe even drop the best and worst score and payout on the 6 round total, giving players 2 "drop" weeks if needed. in stl leagues, you pay upfront of course, so yeah, i'm probably in and the earlier you choose the start date the better.

First I have heard of it.


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