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Would you play a PDGA League at Cliff in 2013?

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These choices are ... interesting?!?

Ok, Danger, I see what you are saying.  So you want it to be more of a "League" pay in advance, and make it happen.  I could go that direction, and it may be for a 12 week window, and you need to have 7-8 weeks to qualify, charge $40 for those that want to pay in advance, and then those that don't would get "dinged" an extra $1 to play that night.  The problem is that I believe that you also need to pay the PDGA $1/person per night as well for this.  But I like the idea of having a "test run" to see how it may work.  The question then becomes do we look at having a "weekly" payout in addition if you so desire.



 just seeing if there's an interest in league format vs weekly mini format. as far as payout goes, i am a skins fan, and since the club, ace and pdga are paid in advance, why not quarter skins?


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