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09/27/12 Water Works Mini

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21 out for the last club league of the season. Another perfect Thursday evening with temp right at 70 and very little wind.

The shorter course set up led to some nice scores. Jamie Danger led all from the Masters shooting 46. I hear tell it's a course personal best. C-Dub took Open at 47 and Mike Fenton won Advanced with a 56. I shot my age and broke par for the first time this year at WW. (I just told my son I shot my age and without hesitation he responded "You shot 400?!)

Mini stats for those with five weeks or more at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvgDHo9rqLOtdDN4aEo1UHFSZ1JRMU1JNkxDWGFYYWc&pli=1

Arturo easily led the standings this year averaging 48.4. The league average was 58.6.

Arturo and Chris Timko aced this season and the Ace Pool ends at $506.

180 different people played 690 rounds with an average of 29 players per week. The players included:

5 Scotts
5 Brians
6 Kevins
7 Mikes
9 Matts
Only 1 Maurice thank goodness.

Top attendees were:

Billy Nelson 21 Weeks
Ted Keith  21
Nick Altieri  19
Arturo Villareal  18
Greg Utz  18
Bill Neenan  17
TJ Ring  16
Doug Kantro  15
Ken Hostetler  15
Fred Fortson  13

Thanks to Bill, Billy, Jamie, and all that helped. Thanks to all who played for making it another fine summer at Water Works park.

Open (10)

Caleb Walker  47
Billy Nelson  48
Marc Styles  50
Adam Cossette  51
Jose Ossa  52
Shane Caylor  53
TJ Ring  54
Nick Altieri  54
Greg Utz  55
Fred Fortson  55

Masters (7)

Jamie Barry  46
Ted Keith  53
Danny Knox  54
Ken Hostetler  54
Bill Neenan  56
Craig Walker  56
Brian Woodson  56

Advanced (4)

Mike Fenton  56
Chris Millsap  58
Michael Neenan  64
Matt Neenan  70

Kevin Montgomery:
We love ya Ted! Thanks for running the best league in town...   8)


--- Quote from: tedkeith on September 27, 2012, 10:55:55 PM ---Only 1 Maurice thank goodness.

--- End quote ---

alter ego?

Mike Hyzer:

--- Quote from: twoDornottwoD on September 28, 2012, 09:36:54 AM ---
--- Quote from: tedkeith on September 27, 2012, 10:55:55 PM ---Only 1 Maurice thank goodness.

--- End quote ---

alter ego?

--- End quote ---

If you close your eyes while he's talking, you can almost picture The Dude. And everyone knows Maurice abides. ;D

gotta keep one eye open.  u never know what kind of shenanigans could go on at ww league   :o


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