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Did somrbody say new baskets?

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7 soon to be 8 new holes in the woods.  entrance to new holes is by thirteens basket.  Putt out then head back down the road towards 13s tee, flags mark the entrance to the first hole.
We will be playing the new holes at next league.
Come on out for League,  Noon-thirty every Sunday. Rain, wind, snow, we don't care.
I'm throwing plastic.


Got a personal tour from Narin Sunday. Plays great, bit of difficulty to it.

Drove 30 minutes here...no one around..probably won't do this again. :(

Put together a fun casual round with some other golfers that were out today. All was not lost...


Hey man sorry you came on a quiet Sunday.  I just had a brand new baby on Wednesday. And a lot of the regulars had plans.  We usually have a decent show. Sorry you drove that far. If you ever try to come again my number is 816-808-5027. You can always call to check. But like I said we usually have a decent showing. 



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