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Swope Glow 2012

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Flying J:
Come one, come all to Swope glo tonight!

Jesse will be providing bratwurst tonight before league and Fred will bring his grill and food as well.  Suds with buds, o'course! 

I'll be out there though I may  not play. Still not feeling great.

Can't make it tonight due to other plans, but I can attest, Ekolk, that playing disc golf ACTUALLY makes you feel better. Though my game on Sunday didn't show it, I am feeling so much better now ;)

Will there be ACE beer tonight?

Good times had by all . . . 40 players?!

My first glow round! Thanks for guiding me and sharing brats and suds.

Hmmm. I actually play better in the dark . . . (eyes closed from now on)


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