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Winter League Schedule
Day     Time    Course     FormatSunday    11:00a    SwopeWomensSunday    12:30p    P. HillDoublesMonday    06:00p    Prairie CenterTuesday    06:00p    SwopeDoublesTuesday    06:00p    Old PikeDoublesWednesday    05:30p    St. Joe MO-WestWednesday    06:00p    RosedaleSinglesThursday   06:00p    WaterworksDoublesFriday    06:00p    WycoDoublesFriday    08:30p    RosedaleDoublesSaturday    01:00p    LegacyDoublesSaturday    12:00p    Rosedale DUDoubles

Ken Franks:
Old Pike league is Tuesday @ 6pm

Nothing at Shawnee Mission

Does Rosedale DU league start today?????

Peter Bures:
I don't think the gates close at SMP until like 9 or 10, even in the winter.

Regardless, not enough demand to run any consistent over the winter, it seems. We had a hard enough time populating our in-season league...


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