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WW Clean Up June 24 8-noon
« on: June 16, 2006, 09:08:15 AM »
Get out here and HELP.  This goes a long way towards the continued work of the disc golf course and our partnership to ensure that the course stays in at WW.  PLEASE HELP!

based on conversations with course coordinator Terry Adams:
Mulch tees and baskets as needed;
trim up and clean the right side of the 13 fairway;
rake the 9 fairway
clean up the leaves along the road/walls
Clean out the downed tree by #3 tee pad
Have P&R look at the metal pipe sticking out of ground by #5 tee pad (just south of Terrapin Station)
remove trees with survey flags by them (George and I started this, there are a few others that I tagged George)
raise tree limbs on the East side of road on N Oak entrance
Remove Ballards on old road #3 fairway
Clear new growth on #6 trail to #7 continue to build rock wall (small) trail to help with erosion

I am hopeful that we should get our expected volunteers of 10-15 people next Saturday morning.  For the club listeing here, please post to me or to Terry that you can help.  I need to have 4 leaders responsible for the following areas:
Leader 1-Hole #1-4 &7 practice basket
Leader 2-Holes 5,6, 8-11 Circle practice basket
Leadern 3-Holes 12, 13, 17, 18 long 8 placement
Leader 4- 14, 15, 16

Please let me know your time and plan of attack.  I would like to meet with all the leaders mext Thursday at League, where hopefully we can all play a round together and eyeball the course.



CD-I would like to have you and a few others work with the scouts towards the end of the event to help.  I will bring some discs for the kids.


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-------------- Original message from Carolyn Vellar <>: --------------

> Thank you everyone for attending the WW Park Cleanup Planning meeting
> today! I appreciate all of you helping with this project.
> Summary:
> Jack Lowe and April McCrary will prioritize the projects that need to be
> done - divide the part into quadrants - Jack will assign someone from
> the Disc Golf Club to be in charge of each quadrant - so when volunteers
> show up - they will be directed to a place and project.
> P.O. Jason Brungardt will notify community service workers to meet at
> the park - approximately 12 volunteers
> Chris German and Janet Preece will notify cub scouts and parents of
> project - approximately 10-15 volunteers
> Mary Lappin - Water Services Dept. - will make sure that security is
> aware of the project and will arrange for 4-5 cases of KC water be
> delivered to park for project.
> George - Brian - April - will over see projects - make sure we have
> enough supplies.
> Carolyn will send out e mail invitations to neighborhood residents to
> volunteer for project - also a press release. Hopefully recruit more
> volunteers.
> Carolyn will get Ice, coffee, cups etc, bagels, donuts, cookies for
> project day.
> This will be a fun project - thank you all for helping! See you on
> Saturday - June 24th - project is scheduled for 8am to noon. I will try
> to be there by 7:30 at the latest. Please let me know if you have
> suggestions, questions etc.
> Carolyn Vellar
> Community Coordinator
> Northland Community Alliance
> 816-830-9124
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