Author Topic: When they came for the Frisbee players, I said nothing, for I don't play Frisbee  (Read 1801 times)

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Mike Hyzer

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Check this out, children. This is the sort of thing that can happen when you organize a government:

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I know you say no one edits your posts, but you severely borked the [url] tag. So i fixed it for you. You're welcome :D
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Mike Hyzer

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I said no one censors my posts. Censors. Thanks, dude. ;D


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charging a permit to throw a frisbee is like charging a permit to smoke medicinal herbs, it's soooo cali.
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Wow. That nonsence is Crazy. I love the "bunch of kids who are not organized". The man made his own argument. Stay classy AU!

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Silverstein sounds like he has some pent up aggression due to lack of nailing it.

May I suggest that fellow go nail some tail and move on down the road.
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