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Glow tonight!

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The Bird Father:
Glow starts tonight....be there!!

Signed up by 5:45 and draw partners at 6.

Last years stats are claiming a $483.00 Ace Fund.

And again!

I have been busy moving the last couple weeks and haven;t posted the stats for the first three weeks of GLOW. I'll trry to get em all up soon.

We are on like donkey kong tonight. Cmon on out. be signed up by 5:50, casue we draw partners at 6:00, and if you miss the draw, it's likely you won't get in.

Winds will die down around 5:30. Be signed up by 5:45 please. We draw partners at 6:00. Big moon tonight.....

Supposed to be around 70 and dead calm tonight for GLOW. ???

Sign up by 5:45, draw partners at 6:00.

Oomp shu moogy mushi doggyoh, ooomp shu moogy aay. Please don't go near the Eskimos.


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