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Sneak Peak of the 2013 Bag Tag

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For those of you who have been around the past few years, you know that I try my best to make the tags as interesting as possible. I don't want to do the same tag every year.

We have seen our fair share of Mad Cows, Floating Space courses, Actual non floating real life courses, and cool metal tags with old tournament logos... Sooo, what to do to make this year stand out?  Leather... Who doesn't like a nice piece of hide? So I really hope everyone likes what I have come up with... If not?  Well there is always 2014. I was told we will have the tags for the Club Elections and I am going to go ahead and say they will. BUT, until then here is a taste of what they look like.

2013 KCFDC Bag Tags by Kansas City Flying Disc Club, on Flickr

awesome, they shouldn't clink so loudly

Love it!!!!

* Like

Nick work Dick!

Ken Franks:
I don't like leather unless its on my car seats or Mike Hyser is wearing them as chaps.

 Can I have my $5 back?  ;D


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