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2013 Kansas City Team Challenge - June 1-2, 2013

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Announcing the second annual Kansas City Team Challenge

Hosting rights will flip flop from East to West each year.  The "Host" team gets 2 rounds (24 points worth of matches) on the course of their captains choice. The other round (8 points worth of matches) is played on the opposing teams turf.  2012 version was slightly different, but allowed a first Host to be determined for this year.  By virtue of their win in 2012, the East side will be the host team for 2013. Host team will alternate each year.  2014 will be West hosted.  2015 will be East hosted etc. 

June 1st and 2nd

Teams of 16 players (plus alternates) from KS. and MO. each to compete in match play of three formats (alternate shot doubles, best shot doubles and singles). Each match will be worth one point. East Side can retain the Eagle trophy with 16 points or more. The West side has to get 16.5 points or more to win the trophy.

Wyco - afternoon of Saturday the June 1st, for 8 alternate shot doubles matches.
Cliff Drive, on Sunday, June 2nd for the 8 best shot doubles matches in the morning and 16 singles matches after lunch.

MO - East Side - Ryan Keck
KS - West Side - Tracy Walker
To be determined!  Possibly a combination of spots obtained via qualifying or captains picks.  I'm leaving it up to the Captain of each side to determine how to build their team. I think we should stick with the 2 Women, 3 Masters (min.) and 11 Open players as required composition of each team.

$25. Unless you already have an official team jersey for your side, in which case it is just $10. $10 to support tree planting at KC area courses.

I'll provide more details as Ryan and I determine how we're going to form our teams.  June will get here sooner than you think.

Dear Captain Walker,



Cooper Arnold

Oh Captain, My Captain.

Though I am injured and may possibly be in Georgia fighting for the other Team Kansas at the collegiate championships, I would like to throw my hat into the ring for consideration in this endeavor. The scourge of missouri rapscallions must be swept clean from our lands once and for all! Their godless ways are an abomination to our sport and we must smite them with the heavy hand of Kansas righteousness!!!!

I would turn your attention to my recent victory over the most notorious and evil of missouri scoundrels, Jack "I think I just strained my pancreas!" Lowe as testimony of my willingness and ability to defeat missouri trash whenever the need arises.

If in your great wisdom you should deem it necessary to load the front with more worthy and spry soldiers, please allow me to assist our holy warriors in other ways. For example; I am very handy with Chinese throwing stars - If you think that would be helpful.

Thank you for your time.


Peter Bures:
I'm in.

I want in. Hated missing out last go round


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