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2013 Kansas City Team Challenge - June 1-2, 2013

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Swope Gold for the challenge would be pretty sweet.

Well thank goodness the board doesn't own the courses. WHEW! For a minute there I thought we were in trouble.

My vote. Early June.

There is nothing that the TEAM CHALLENGE would do to interfere, impede, or distract from the KCWO. Even if you do move the CHALLENGE to a different week, does the board think that the courses will magically empty on the weekend before - and remain pristine for the week leading up to -  the WO?

I'm offering my full support for any work that needs done for the Wide Open. OB rope? Tee Signs? Etc, etc.

With the way tournaments POP up in this town almost every weekend, if you push this back any, it will be lost. And i'm not just saying this because I won't be involved if you push it to the fall.

We dont 'own' the courses, no, but we do have live contracts with the city and parks department, as well as provide insurance for events.

Tracy, I was just informing you of the situation. For all events that want the benefits of having KCFDC blessings, we have a protocol that's followed. A tournament proposal is sent to the Board, we review it and make sure there arent any conflicts, and also assist the TD with tournament needs, etc.

I'm just sticking with the protocol that we offer to every TD and potential event. As of right now, there doesnt seem to be any conflicts. Given the type of event, (Fundraiser, Team Challenge, non-pdga) this shouldnt be an issue.

For us, as a Board, not to review the date switch would be unfair to any other potential events.

--- Quote ---I'm offering my full support for any work that needs done for the Wide Open. OB rope? Tee Signs? Etc, etc.
--- End quote ---
All right! GEP31KCWO's first volunteer!

This centuries old BS about the contract with the cities and the insurance blah, blah, blah would mean something if this TEAM CHALLENGE was, in fact, a tournament. It has the same tone as a down under winter league or a beer league or any of the dozens of other non-contracted, uninsured events that occur on the courses over the year. And if the events and courses are insured, then expect a bill from me for an injury I sustained on one of "your" courses. To whom should I send that?

Send it to the BoD, Loomis. Just like the kid who fell off of 2's teepad at WW a couple of years ago. And what you are forgetting is the course will be closed for Team Challenge. So, no it is not just like Down Under League or Beer League. This is a club sanctioned and supported event.

Just as an FYI, this BoD member pushed to have East West (Team) Challenge take precedent over all other events as it is a club event.


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