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2013 Kansas City Team Challenge - June 1-2, 2013

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It is and it isn't. There are two ways of reading the results. I think it will definitely level the playing field and that's a plus.

Arturo is talented, but he failed to make the necessary adjustments to his game to be successful. He has the shots in his bag, but he wasn't able to take the information given to him by the tournament to create the shots he needed to shoot a good score. So he has talent, but he didn't know how to make adjustments. The second round he was able to apply his talent to his previous experience and shoot a good score. This is common with most players. Most people are complacent in their shot making because they know what disc to use on what hole. They've played that hole so many times it doesn't bother them when they step on the tee pad. But when you put these players in new positions - "playing it blind" - that's when their abilities really showcase themselves. Most "talented" people expose a weakness in their game which they don't develop - learning how to MAKE a shot not from what they see, but from what information they are given. If I say "this hole is uphill, 400 feet, wind is right to left, with OB on the left." what would you throw? OR, if I say, we are going to play WW hole 14. basket is in the far position. winds right to left. What would you throw? Most players familiar with WW will know what to throw, but how many people know what to throw for the first hole description? That's the difference between MAKING (or shaping) a shot - which is one kind of talent, of which there are many.

i'd be confused because that isn't the same hole you gave me the information on......WW #14 is downhill......


--- Quote ---And Yes....WW is much easier than Lakeside
--- End quote ---

Ehhh....I wont even go there..

With all the factions on the west side, I am sure am glad I'm on the east. I talked to east side captain, Ryan Keck, yesterday and he said he would have details this week.


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