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While practicing out at Rosedale this afternoon there was a couple of very sketchy people walking around picking things up. I threw 6 or so shots on hole 4 and when I was walking up to them I saw them putting my firebird into a trash bag. I asked them what they had there and the lady didn't answer. I asked again and she said, "I don't know, I just found it there". At that point I took the bag from her and took my firebird out.

It was two people, one male one female. Both very slender. The woman was older with long stringy hair and the man was younger than the woman with similar stringy hair and a beard.

WTF!! (Where's that Frisbee?)

Monday night I was down under and saw a couple with plastic trash bags, at first I thought they were picking up trash, then I saw that they were going thru all of the trash barrels and picking out the aluminum cans to sell.  These two were older and I believe Hispanic, and definitely not slender, thin or skinny.


Pretty normal these days to see people pulling what others throw away. Swope has its resident can guy too. Rosedale up top has had a couple collecters for years now. I would only give them trouble if they dump the whole trash can to get the cans and leave the mess. Yes, that happens now and again too.


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