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I personally cant stand SMP  8)  :o

IN the past we were told pretty much not to even think about using land over by the pond across the street, but that we could look at the land to the East of it up to the road.

Now in that time there have been I believe 3 different directors overseeing the parks, and now that the course is more heavily used it could be looked upon as a different conversation with them.

The very first Wide Open used that area around the pond as the first course, I will see if I can find the map of it. 


The TD from the event (or Co-TD) was kind enough to send me a fast copy without having to review my files at home for it.  THis is better than the "hand-drawing" one that I think that I had.

As you can tell the "island" was used then.  I am not a big advocate for "temp holes" during any event with the exception of trying to determine a course, or new possibilities.  If it is just to have it to say we did, it seems to be more effort than is needed IMHO, but this may be something that could be brought up to Bill about this desire and see if there is a possible change to the land usage that we may see.

I know that I have a personal map of another area (to the East of this course map) that I worked on to give a possible 18 hole layout, with the hope being that this initial course would be "smaller and more friendly to newbies", and in turn use this first course as a starter course to get people to go and visit our other locations as well.  It seems to be taking an approach of working to make it another course, which I think doesn't help our growth as much as it may. 

We should have places to play that are very "rec" friendly to get people to not feel frustration, and having options to make them tougher for certain level of play may make sense, we still don't want to alienate that newer player because every hole is over 300' and through the trees.

Possibly going with this map as an indication may be able to create that "smaller" location to have a course that is beginner friendly, and then groom the other course for more competitive play.

The Nailerâ„¢:
Why not put in another 18 pin course altogether? 


--- Quote from: The Nailer on October 25, 2012, 05:00:24 PM ---Why not put in another 18 pin course altogether?

--- End quote ---

I do believe you nailed it...


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