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Grip Equipment presents The 31st Kansas City Wide Open-June 14-16

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We have the first ever title sponsor for the Kansas City Wide Open.  Grip Equipment Presents The 31st Kansas City Wide Open is underway.

We are still in need of a solid logo-January 30th is the deadline for scalable and digital logos for submission for the KCWO logo, please be working with me quickly to get this to me accordingly.

We are beginning to look for staff and sponsors to add to the event.

We will be posting registration information by the end of the month.

I will be working on the Wide Open information coming out soon.  So if you want to be a part of the staff for the event, and are wondering whom to contact, please reach out to me accordingly with a PM or a phone call.  You know that thing that you type messages into called your twitter box, it too may be used to input numbers in a fashion that will enable you to use it for communication of your vocal chords and sound waves received via your ear.  Think old walkie talkies, they are called phones!


Let's work on the next rendition of the Wide Open!

(Little scared to post this, please don't bust my balls Jack.)

I thought this was a kinda kool idea.

Fundraiser bag tags...

The Bird Father:
I played the Majestic last year and very few people bought these.

no duh, bag tags gotta be cool and sexy if you're gonna buy one from out of town. kcwo could use a really derrty bird tag - yeah i'm talkin t n a, skulls and hemp<all numbered foretwenty> - the sheetdatsells. more of a souvenir than a numbered tag.


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