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Not one mention of the course...

Peter Bures:
That is a bit disheartening that the course isn't even mentioned in a passing. Doesn't sound like much is on the immediate (less than 5 years) horizon, though.

I've personally never met Ken Dicus, but Adam Schieber is well aware of the assistance the disc golf course and disc golfers have brought to cleaning up that park.  He is a good person to have on our side and I'm sure he included us in his discussion with the reporter.  It is disappointing that the reporter chose not to include us in his article.  Several groups have been talking about using that reservoir and park space to the west for many years and nothing has happened yet.  I've heard many different ideas of what COULD be done with both, although a restaurant is a new one for me.  I wouldn't hold your breath to lose that part of the course just yet.  If/when they do take it, they will direct us to take other parts of the park for our use.  Rest assured the neighborhood and parks dept like having us there.

We should put a hole in there! Put the basket up on one of those tower thingys and get some sort of mogul built going most of the way up. Could be an interesting island hole. ;D

Mike Hyzer:
A restaurant? That's a new one on me...


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