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Old Pike Mike:
Swope Glowers, Super Fred and E Kolk, have proposed that during the winter months, we have periodic designated weeks when the Swope glowers will come out to Old Pike on a Tuesday and there would be no Swope league.   We will designate another week of the month where the Old Pikers will go to Swope and there will not be an Old Pike league.  We plan to start this Tuesday October 30th with the Swopers visiting the OP and  then, on Nov. 6th the OP will travel to Swope. 

We will see how this works out and then, may designate set weeks; so, people can plan their schedules. 

Great time last night. BTW Swope took the ace fund. Specifically, Jesse had a blind and silent ace on the Knotty Hole long position. Furthermore, three of the six people who took home cash were Swopers.

I expect the Old Pikers will whoop up on us next week.  ;)

Flying J:
Come one, come all to Swope glo tonight!

Jesse will be providing bratwurst tonight before league and Fred will bring his grill and food as well.  Suds with buds, o'course! 

Until further, notice Swope Glow League will be at Old Pike the last Tuesday of the month, and Old Pike will be at Swope the first Tuesday of the month.

In the near future the dates are: Nov. 27 @ OP, Dec. 4 @ Swope, Jan. 1 @ OP, Jan. 8 @ Swope, Jan. 29 @ OP, and Feb. 5 @ Swope.

Swope league is coming to Old Pike this Tuesday, and lucky for OP regulars I am bringing ace beer from Swope last week. See you then.


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