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bad hole? really?

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If this isn't your cup of tea, there is always darts, or billiards, or horsehoes....  ;D

....or there is the short tee, and a landing zone on the East bank.

How far is it to clear the wet stuff?

If you have to ask, then you should just lay up on the East bank.  ;D

Currently, in the drought low water condition, it's approximately 270' on a direct line from tee to target to clear the H2O.

About this far... ___________________ which is too far for most. But with a fair shot to the right, it would make this hole great. But imho it isn't there yet. I know tom and company is trying to clear it more tho so hopefully it will be there one day.

Tom -

I played this hole with its new tee pad for the first time at the Club Championship...and I loved it.  I have a weenie arm, and with a slight anny with an understable disc, I made it over and had lots of room to spare and landed 75(?) feet past the drop zone.  Of course, I had to par it, but I thought it was a great hole.


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