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Ice Bowl 2013

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The Ice Bowl will be January 26-27 at Rosedale park.  Once again we will be splitting the donation between Bishop Sullivan Center and Harvesters.

Most everything will be as it was last year.  One of the things that slowed us down last year was CTP, we have kicked around is not having a CTP for all donated items.  One option is to have a CTP for one thing.  Then have a silent auction for some stuff and a raffle or something else for other stuff.  Another option is to not have a CTP at all, just do the silent auction and raffle.  We would like some feed back on this, please.

Silent AUCTIONs!!

Love the silent auction idea!

I like the ball golf CTP where there is a marker stake at the hole of choice and then if someone gets closer they move the marker stake and signs their name. It works with the regular flow of play and doesn't take additional time

dan howard:
I know it's time consuming, takes volunteer effort to run, and probably would raise less $$$ than a silent auction, but the Ice Bowl CTP has always been a lot of FUN!


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