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I am going to start to do some work on the "new holes"  Will probably start with the first 2 holes until I get machinery on the others.

This initially will be cutting out Honey Suckle and removing trash between the practice basket, and hole #12 tee pad, there will be 2 holes put in there is the plan.  Can you your help, will probably be out there some on Thursday/Friday and Saturday.

Will be using Tone Poles probably initially for the placement piece for these holes.

What time do you plan on being out there on Saturday?

I'd be happy to help, but don't get out until 5 both thursday and friday. Let me know if those hours work, our what time you plan on working on saturday. 816 522 0837

Well with darkness near us by 5, that probably won't work.  I will try to set up something on Sat morning then ~9-1 will be the plans at this point.

Thursday/Friday our office is moving so I am working remotely, so I will probably try to get in there and do some cutting to pull things out on Saturday for us.

I will try on Thu/Friday to do early morning work in all honesty so I can answer things at work in the afternoon.

Probably 9-noon, maybe 8-noon....

Just bring gloves should be sufficient.

Due to too much work to be done at the JOB, I haven't made it out to get anything done out there.  I probably won't make it out tomorrow except to possibly mark trees for the holes, so please don't come out and enjoy the beautiful weather!


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