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Rosedale Winter Wonderland - Unsanctioned

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DDKC Scott Reek:
Hello everyone,

I am going to run an unsanctioned event at Rosedale Park on December 9th playing one round up top and another round down under.  i will post the hole set up once i decide on it.  As always pre-registration helps with the speed of the tournament process but since it is unsanctioned, I ask that you at least contact me to let me know you are coming so I can have a card made for you ahead of time.

Scott, why no sanctioning?  You bum me out man.

DDKC Scott Reek:
Because it is later in the year and players seem to want the un sanctioned this time of year and it keeps the cost down and the money going more back to the players.  I didn't see a value to sanctioning this event and I run plenty of sanctioned events so a few non sanctioned seem reasonable.

Understood.  Thanks.

Hey, it is Chanukah.

Peter Bures:
Also these unsanctioned events give us Advanced players a chance to play up and get some experience in the Open Division.

I guess we could do that at a sanctioned event anyway, but you'd have to turn down cash.


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