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PDGA League in 2013 at Cliff

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oh gosh no.  League begin on April Fool's day, and even though I know that we typically move to the first month at Blue Valley, since I want to have the league be PDGA for the first part of the season, we may not be going to BV until the last week of the month this year....I have to review this some more, but leagues typically are from 4/1-10/1 in KC, some people jump on them earlier, I don't think that I am going to be one of them!


--- Quote from: jack on November 14, 2012, 10:00:09 AM ---Cliff Drive league will remain on Monday's, and it will start probably the 2nd week after Daylight Savings kicks in next year March 18th, we shall let the hangover begin at Cliff Drive.

--- End quote ---

My bad, I misunderstood this.

ok.....so yeah I think that March 18th is going to be week one afterall.

In reviewing the information about the league, it has to be a minimum of 6 and maximum of 10.  By starting on 3/18-5/20 is the 10th week and the week before Memorial Day (no league that week) which will then enable us to see if it makes sense to continue to run a PDGA league at the course.

I have submitted the paperwork and paid the fee already, and we will continue with the First Monday of the month to be at Blue Valley this way as well.

Obviously I was way ahead of myself last fall and planned it better in my mind than I did in my review of it for this year!  I think that I have been a little pre-occupied with the Wide Open sponsorship form......

Also, though I am not certain, I am hopeful that we will have a couple of new holes to play during the league as well.  Initially I am hopeful that I can get the new first 2 holes in the ground and have some variance for the league play for 18 hole as we move forward.  Unfortunately I am heading out for work for 2 weeks so I am short there, but if I get some of it done as I hope to in advance, then it should all be good!

RobM thanks for pushing on this!  I do appreciate you getting the fire going underneath me!

I see a max of 10?  So if 12 people show up, you take the first 10 that wanna play pdga and the over can play for non rating?  If so is it the same price as regular league or what? I think I read it was a couple bucks more to go with pdga league.  Sound like something worth checking out. 

that is a max of 10 weeks not people!  ;D

We can have up to 90 people for league.....but I think that the most we have ever had is like 31 at a Cliff Drive League to date....I may have to check on that some more...


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