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Been working hard and with help from Boyd Childers and Kevin Weiss and myself, Pleasant Hill disc golf course will soon have 34 holes!!!  Yes a 34 hole course!!! 

Add two more and make it a two course setup

Interesting, yeah, why not 36?

No more room!!!!  The land is pretty much used up after 34, cramming in 2 more holes would be hard. P hill really isn't that big so 34 is pretty damn awesome I think.

Great Job Narin and Company!!!

Seriously the only other comments are "Why didn't you add more?"

Agree on the land lock issue.  Unfortunate that we lost the two holes on the south side a few years ago, putting those back in would make it 36, but would cause serious issues with the land owner across the street.  Is there any room in the woods behind hole-8? That would be kind sweet to get back in there.

I hope to get to league soon and check these out with a "guide". 

Thanks again, P-Hill crew for all the effort!


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