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Pleasant Hill 34 holes

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--- Quote from: dickthediscparker on November 21, 2012, 01:56:47 PM ---I didn't see anyone laying hate upon the thread. Or negative comments. Just questions. You guys need to lighten up Francis.

--- End quote ---

You call'n me Francis? You call me Francis and I'll cutcha'....

Not hating, just asking! I've played there once, and I'm not aware of the setup. Yall got a map or anything detailing your hard work?

Kelly Markum:
That's flippin sweet!!! Are their already baskets for these other holes? I played glow there Mon & couldnt find the basket for 12 but then figured out where it was when i played 16.

Awesome!! If'n we manage to have baskets in each one, the question of the day could be "Did you break 100"?

Didn't think anyone was hating, just did not feel the love. Haha.  Perm baskets prob by April.  Wish Money grew on some of the trees cut down out there!!  Just time!!  But I bring my port baskets and set up for the holes


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