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Down Under League 11/17/2012 and some course news


Temps in the 60's, lots of birdies, but still no 1200 rated round. A couple of teams have been really, really close.

We now have a "roughed in" new/replacement #9 which is a cool shot down the ravine to #10. Because we are losing and have lost a significant number of trees around the current #9 basket locations, we a re-configuring 2 holes. After the new #9, you still play the course as we have. Each hole after that is obviously 1 number less than before. (10 is now 9, 11 now 10 and so on). The proposed new #18 would go back down current #9 towards #8. The walk out would thus be closer to the parking lot and would not interfere with #5 up top. Come check it out. I digress....

Payout: $100/$60/$40/$24 Total $224. Ace fund $243.

-13  1090 Pete/Murph
-10  1062 Mark/Scott
-8    1048 Danny Rod x2 (Cali paid double)
-7    1039 Steve/Bobby
-7    1039 Ron/Otto
-6    1028 Todd/Josh
-6    1028 Ryan/Yaj D
-6    1028 Mike T/Utz
-6    1028 Demion/DZ
-6    1028 Peter B/Artuto
-4    1004 Sean/Hal B
-4    1004 Billy/Jesse
-2      984 Danny K/Fred F
-1      975 Mike/Jason

Ken Franks:
seems like a much easier walk down to 10's pin now, my knees like that!!!!

Mike Hyzer:

--- Quote from: Ken Franks on November 24, 2012, 10:35:25 AM ---seems like a much easier walk down to 10's pin now, my knees like that!!!!

--- End quote ---

Amazing what a little dieting and exercise can do, eh? :P ;D

Ken Franks:
now 2 new knees and I'm good to go!!!!


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