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sunday morning round?


john theiss:
heading out to play JJ.  i will be there by 10:30 if anyone wants to join.

john theiss:
JJDGC was fun. I met up with some guys named Jim, Wayne and Derrick.  They play at CD most of the time buy have been heading up there a lot lately.  It was fun round with those guys.

 I liked  the hole variety, angles, elevation, OB, birdie and ace runs, and flow.  Several shots you might try to cheat over the top but it is fun to throw the lines offered.  If you do cheat, i never got into too much trouble but i bet it is a lot diffferent with full foliage.   i do not throw thumbers but there was a hole were it made sense for a someone like me with a NO D thumber  and any beginner could probably thumb it so that was fun.  I enjoyed the course and would have stayed to play two rounds but had to jet.  The land has great elevation on some holes and will only get nastier in toughness when those trees mature. 

If you have not played it, definately worth the trip. 

I want to go play Jewell next.


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