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I Apologize

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I played Young Park a few weeks ago and hated it. We couldn't find the pads or the pins. Put one in the water, every other shot was in the stickers. BAD,BAD,BAD. Well I told people I knew how horrible it was.

I talked to Dick down at DGW and he told me how to play it. Today was beautiful and I slowed down and threw short to keep it straight and guess what, it worked. I actually did well and started to like the course. I did not play all 18 but have a new way of looking at this course. Not wanting to say this but it almost ,kind of,  maybe  suits my style of playing, maybe a little , maybe. I want to play it again with more time and see how I do.
Anyway I'm sorry for bad mouthing this course.


Mike Hyzer:
It's all good, that course pisses me off most of the time, too. But it's a great place to learn your finesse shots.

Avery Jenkins:

"It's a gimmick course. A course for entertainment, like Down Under. Should never be in the KCWO"

Thats because you shot a 55 AJ....

Nate Doss:

"That course is amateur hour".

40's are very clearly out there. Some pro's are just whiners I guess. Avery isn't happy unless he is staring at a 600 ft wide open fairway.


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