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1230 Safari League


Hey folks, I have a pretty cool safari course set up for this Sunday, Dec 9. Draw your partner, 1230. Come join us

How'd it go? It was a little cold sunday but still a nice day for some golf when the sun was shining!

It was good.  Couple of cool holes over the water.  Neither were excessively long but with the wind required a pretty good carry maybe 330 ft, but there was a bailout area on the left.  The other was shorter, less than 300, but straight into a pretty stiff north wind.  We also played three fun new holes south of the dam.  We had a small turnout, 7, so only one group and that takes longer to play.  Steeler Doug wore shorts.  Because you know, he's a man's man.  Personally, as that cold north wind picked up, I was chilled to the bone.  FYI, there's talk of a tournament there in a few months.  More to come.   

I had the first weekend fantasy playoff party at my place, I wanted to come and see all the new placements.  Sunday's will be hard for me to make it down there though now until February.....

I wish it wasn't this cold either, as for Steeler Doug being a Man's Man...well.....we shall leave that for others to figure out!

Sounded pretty cool though!

It looks like traveling Friday league is going to be there this Friday.  And if you want someone to give you a tour of the new holes any other time, just give me a shout.


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