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One stop Christmas disc shopping...

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Well not exactly, but I still have a bunch of Innova, Discraft, Lightning and some others for sale, some clasic Innova.  Call me, Bob Hayett, 9139403020, and I'll send you a list.  By the way, I came down with severe allergies, had to radically change my diet and I'm getting bi-weekly allergy injections.  Long road to recovery.  Hopefully I can start golfing again.  I've lost a lot of weight, but I'm still dizzy.  I can breathe a lot better. The blazing hot, dry Summer just about did me in literally.

The Bird Father:
I want a list Bob or we can meet at PC sometime so I can dig through it.

Can you send a list to:

me too at

Might as well hop on this train

PLease and thank ye!

Y'all ought to PM your email addy to Bob...otherwise........... ??? :o

PM sent Bob!


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